who is lee

Who is Lee?
A child born neither of natural decent nor of human decision, or husbands will, I’m a child born of God.
What is your purpose in life?
To live a life full of peace, hope, humility, joy and faithfulness to God and people.
What is your vision?
To be recognized worldwide as the most prominent internet security consultant.
What is your mission statement?
To be humble and at peace with everyone, encouraging the broken hearted and being insightful to see and create opportunities with confidence and total commitment in all my duties.
What are your likes and interests?
*      Quite time with God
*      Surfing
*      Time with friends
*      Reading Christian books
*      Meditation
*      Listening to Christian music
What are your favorite drinks and meals?
*      Rice
*      Smoothies
*      Picana
*      Beef
*      Curry
What is your favorite dress code?
***Rock * star ***
What is your lifestyle?
Christ disciple