Adding Number Formatting

Number formatting refers to the addition of currency symbols, decimal markers, percent signs, and other symbols that help to identify the type of data present in a cell and to make that data easier to read.
Excel makes it easy to add number formatting to a worksheet by using icons on the Home tab of the ribbon.
For this tutorial we will add percent signs and currency symbols where needed as well as reducing the number of decimal places for one column of values.

Tutorial Steps:

Adding the Percent Symbol

  1. Click on cell C5.

  2. Click on the Home tab.

  3. Click on the Percent style option on the ribbon.

  4. The data in cell C5 should now read as 6%.

Adding the Currency Symbol

  1. Drag select cells B8 - F11.

  2. Click on the down arrow next to General option on the ribbon to open the Number Format drop down list.

  3. Select Currency from the list.

  4. The data in cells B8 - F11 should now show the dollar symbol ( $ ) and two decimal places.
Note: The dollar sign symbol ( $ ) on the ribbon is a shortcut to the Accounting Number format which is different from the regular currency format we are using.

Decreasing Decimal Places

Since the currency amounts in cells B8 to B11 are in whole dollar amounts, we can remove the decimal places for this data to make the worksheet less cluttered.
Decreasing decimal places does not change the data it just reduces the number of digits appearing in the worksheet cell.
To alter the data you would need to use one of Excel's rounding functions.
  1. Drag select cells B8 to B11.

  2. Click twice on the Decrease Decimal icon in the Number format section of the ribbon.

  3. The number in these cells should now have currency symbols but no decimal places showing. For example B8 should now read: $45,789


Sometimes it is necessary to keep a certain position that is not relative to the new cell location. This is possible by inserting a $ before the Column letter or a $ before the Row number (or both). This is called Absolute Positioning. A B C
1 5 3 =$A$1+$B$1
2 8 2 =$A$1+$B$1
3 4 6 =$A$1+$B$1
4 3 8 =$A$1+$B$1
If we were to fill down with this formula we would have the exact same formula in all of the cells C1, C2, C3, and C4. The dollar signs lock the cell location to a FIXED position. When it is copied and pasted it remains EXACTLY the same (no relative).


Features of Excel:-
1. Hyper link:-We can link one file to another file or page with the use of Excel.
2. Clip art:- In this we can add images and also audio, video clips can be added here.
3. Charts:- With charts, we can clearly shown products evaluation to the clients. For example which product sale is more or less in this month.
4. Tables:- Tables are created with different fields eg -name, age, address, roll no so we add a table to fill these values.
5. Functions:- MATHEMATICAL:Add, subtract, div, multiply.
LOGICAL:average, sum, mod, product
6.Images and Backgrounds:- In this we add images and backgrounds in sheet.
7. Macros:- Macros are used for recording events for further use.
8. Database:- We can add database from other sources with data feature.
9. Sorting and Filter:- In sorting we can sort our data and also filter our data so that repetitions will be removed.
10. Data Validations:- In data tools there are data validations consolidate etc are used.
11. Grouping:- In this we can use group, ungroup subtotal etc.
12: Page layout:- In this themes, colors, sheets, margins, size, backgrounds, breaks, print, titles, sheets height, width, scaling, gridness, headings, views, bring to front of font or back alignment etc will be used.


Column Guides

These may be set on Master Pages, so that they will be exactly the same on every page of your docu-
ment. You can also set them for each page individually as well.
Choose Layout, Column Guides from the menu. A dialog box will appear. Enter the number of col-
umns. Note that guides may be set separately for facing pages. The lines showing the column guides
will not print. Click OK to exit the dialog box.

Ruler Guides

Like margin and column guides, ruler guides are non-printing horizontal and vertical lines that are used
for alignment. To obtain a ruler guide, click anywhere in a ruler and drag towards the page. To delete a
ruler guide, simply drag it off your page, on to the pasteboard or back into a ruler. They can be reposi-
tioned at any time by clicking on them and then dragging them.

Locking Guides

Ruler guides may be added to any page in your document. The guides added to the master pages may be
modified if they were not locked on the master page. Column Guides may be added or modified from
the master page settings.
Choose Lock Guides from the View menu before placing text (or graphics); this will allow liberal
manipulation of text and graphics objects without interfering with the page layout objects. This action is
usually done on individual pages once the page layout has been defined and before text and graphics are
placed. Do not lock Column and Ruler guides on Master pages if you want flexibility on individual


Master Pages are used for items that need to be consistent throughout the document. Be sure that
these items will not interfere with other items that are to be placed on the regular pages. The Master
Page icons are found to the left of the page icons. If you have multiple but not facing pages, one
master page is available. Items placed here will appear on every page of the document unless you
turn off the display of master items for a particular page. To turn off the display of master items for
a particular page, go to View and uncheck Display Master Items. When you specify Facing Pages
in the Document Setup menu, two master pages are created, one left and one right.

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